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To give chances to underprivileged individuals and make changes in our communities through education and job trainings designed to be effective, efficient, and accessible

Give Chances, Inc, is a non-for-profit organization founded and registered in the State of New Jersey since 2011. It is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS. Our vision is to create and provide opportunities for children, youth and people with disabilities who do not have access to quality education and/or timely care due to limited resources. Give Chances offers quality learning and consulting opportunities in order to support children, youth and people with disabilities in fulfilling their dreams and talents.

Since 2015, Give Chances changed its mission and target population to children of low-income communities in New Jersey. The first program was the Joyful Children’s Choir that provided low-income immigrant children with opportunities to sing songs and learn music theories. Since 2016, Give Chances has been running an after school program for children of low-income families in order to improve their academic achievement. Give Chances started by opening learning centers in Palisades Park and Hackensack, however, the pandemic has pushed our program to go fully remote. Since COVID-19, our programs have all switched to online and we are currently working with volunteers and students nationwide to grow our outreach efforts. We hope to continue recruiting students and volunteers who align with Give Chances, and we hope to be a support in the process of reducing the learning gap that students across the nation are experiencing.

What Does Give Chances Provide?

Children Education Programs
Give Chances provides quality education programs to children in communities with limited economic resources and support them to achieve their potentials and discover their talents.

Youth Mentoring & Development Programs
To support the visions and dreams of the youth, we provide programs for career development and college consulting.

Disability Support
We aim to support people with disabilities with career development, and encourage businesses and employers to hire people with disabilities.

Covid-19 Support
Through donations, Give Chances supports the communities around us by distributing food packages, donating funds for rent, handing out masks, toys, books, and more.