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How does Virtual Tutoring Work?

Virtual tutoring allows students to learn synchronously and/or asynchronously. Teachers can interact with and educate students in real-time, and also assign tasks or assignments for students to work on at their own pace. 

The positive effects to virtual tutoring are :

  • Increased Student  Access
  • Unlimited to Space
  • Reaching Remote Children Nationwide
  • Support Household Income
  • Students learn according to their abilities and needs.
  • Students’ progress and pacing may differ.
  • Timely feedback between tutor and student takes place.
  • Students are able to learn comfortably and effectively without feeling rushed.

Teachers provide remote instruction to students by using Zoom breakout rooms, Khan Academy, Epic libraries and other programs. 

  • Zoom: used as our main communication platform to provide teaching
  • Khan Academy: An online learning platform for students to exercise their math 
  • Epic: Epic is a online library. With bountiful resources, every student have their own account to compile the books they have read

What do we provide?

  • Homework Assistance: Give Chances recognizes the importance of providing homework assistance for children who come from low-income and immigrant families. Tutors ensure children’s homework completion and comprehension of the underlying concepts. 
  • English and Math Enrichment Sessions: Give Chances provides remedial support in math and English aiming to support children’s competence in the core academic subjects.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: To find and develop new talents and build confidence, the program provides music, science, and physical education once a week. 

Who, When & Where?

  • Participant: Grade 1-8

  • Date & Time: Mon - Fri (4:00pm - 6:00pm)
  • Location: Online (zoom)

How to Apply