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Volunteer Opportunities 

We have a robust pool of volunteers that are dedicated to supporting children, youth, and people with disabilities within the local community. Together we are able to bring change to the community.

What is the volunteer opportunity about?
Volunteers are supporting marginalized people groups through Give Chances in various ways. We recognize that every volunteer has different strengths and there are diverse ways that they could contribute to the mission. Please find the list below to see how volunteers can make a difference through Give Chances :
- After-school tutors
- Youth Mentors
- Newsletter Translator / Editor
- Web-Designer/Social Media Advertisement
- Curriculum Development Assistance
- Fundraising Support
- Administrative Support
- Donation (Financial Support)

What responsibilities do volunteers have?
Every volunteer role has a vital and unique role within Give Chances, therefore each placement would have different responsibilities. Please contact info@givechances.org for detailed information regarding volunteer opportunities.

Qualifications :
- Over 14 years old
- 9th grade and above
- Have a passion to support children, youth and people with disabilities in the local community