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Our current youth programs aim to support the growth of our adolescent volunteers. In our Youth Programs, we hope to support both the individual growths as well as provide an environment to be able to cultivate the culture of sharing. 

We currently have two Youth Development projects running. One is called the Trampoline Project and the other is called the Youth Volunteer Council which we call “Chance Makers”. The Trampoline Project provides opportunities for underprivileged teens and young adults to experience the world we live in.  The Youth Volunteer Council allows young people to develop leadership and participate in activism—both opportunities that are necessary in today’s society. The “Chance Makers” are able to help others in a meaningful way by developing real world experiences with their interests and unique skill sets. 

Youth Volunteer Council - "Chance Makers"

“Chance Makers” is a council made up of our Give Chances volunteers. Our volunteers support the community by spreading awareness about educational inequality and actions that need to be taken to address it. Our council members are inspired and determined to better the world around us; which starts with their respective communities. Their hope is to cultivate and become the intersection of change, aspiration, and action. During program hours, Give Chances’ volunteers strive to provide quality educational opportunities as tutors. Outside of program hours, they become council members and are committed to community-based outreach, social action and advocacy.


  • To create and develop caring community members through a common goal of providing quality education to support the youth of low-income families and communities.
  • To empower the next generation of youth through equitable education and genuine volunteerism.
  • To raise awareness on educational equality by focusing on increasing community involvement and support.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Increase awareness in communities about the importance of educational equality and what needs to be done to fight against the consequences of it in schools, after school programs, and various academic settings. 
  • Work together to spread information about Give Chances and its programs, events, news, etc.
  • Keep the community informed about any updates that need to be shared out.
  • Discussing and coming up with ideas for how to fundraise. This can include new events, projects, ideas on how to receive more donations, and so on.

      Member Benefits

      • Share resources
      • Be more involved with Give Chances
      • Can be included on your resume and college applications
      • Practice leadership
      • More volunteer hours
      • Spread awareness about social justice, social change, and equitable actions

      Member Positions/ Members

      • Responsible for leading board meetings, communicating with headquarters of Give Chances, finalizing ideas following each meeting, assigning tasks and managing results.
        Vice President
        • Responsible for leading board meetings when the President is unavailable, assigning tasks to board members and following through, managing the results of all tasks and assignments.
          • Responsible for recording board meetings and taking meeting minutes and organizing notes to send to headquarters and the President.
            Branch Directors
            • Responsible for all tasks and assignments assigned to their specific learning center branch and spreading information about Give Chances programs and resources to communities near their assigned branch locations as well as planning various events to include more people.
              • Any and all members of Chance Makers are responsible for participating in all meetings, carrying out assigned tasks, and following up regarding these requests from the President and Vice Presidents. 

                The Trampoline Project

                Give Chances Trampoline Project allows teenagers with dysfunctional families and less than desirable living conditions the opportunity to travel to the US.  Currently collaborating with welfare centers in Korea to further reach those in similar situations.  For 10 days, these individuals will not only learn about politics, the US economy, but also visit cultural landmarks, and see how others live.  Expanding their view of the world and the people who live on it.  But, most of all making meaningful connections with people who they can talk, learn, and grow from beyond the 10 days.  After they go back to their families, we continue to mentor and provide counseling. 

                Activities :
                - Cultural Exploration
                - Mentoring Camp

                Participants :
                - Teenagers from vulnerable families in South Korea