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Wrinkle Cream [Vitabrid C12]

Wrinkle Cream [Vitabrid C12]

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What it is: A Wrinkle Cream harnessing our unique formulation with Secret Code P-151™, helps reinforce the natural skin recovery process, visibly repair deep lines and wrinkles, for younger, firmer looking skin with long-lasting moisture.


What it does: This Wrinkle Cream is clinically proven to help reinforce the natural skin recovery and revitalize skin with deep moisture. It also helps improve the appearance of deep lines and creases on the face and neck while tightening pores for healthier-looking complexion.


Who it's for: All skin types.


Formulated Without: Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; fragrance-free; silicone-free; fragrance-free


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