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DDartists Art Exhibition: Into the World through Art

DDartists Art Exhibition: Into the World through Art

Give Chances invites you to celebrate the talents of artists with developmental disabilities, expressing and communicating through art!
We hope the beautiful artworks of the DDartsts, Sharon Choi, Eunsong Ham, Albert Kim, and Alexander Kim, provide delightful and restorative experience to you. 
In today’s society, about three percent of the American population, around nine million people, are registered as living with developmental disabilities. Furthermore, a meager 14.7 percent of individuals with developmental disabilities are employed in the job market. To fix this disparity, our organization has been identifying and granting job opportunities for those with developmental disabilities.
For further support, we launched DDartists, a program that focuses on promoting the creations and talents of artists with developmental disabilities to create merchandise, such as planners, calendars, holiday cards, and toys. As this program continues to develop, we hope to establish similar projects in various areas of talents, discovering more inclusive job and networking opportunities along the way.
While our focal point of 2021 has been to continue our promotion of art education, we understand that our artists have been experiencing difficult times due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, we are working through these challenges to ensure the people we support receive the care and guidance necessary to manage through these unprecedented times. Also, to continue the support for our artists to delight and feel a sense of accomplishment, especially amidst pandemic, we are planning to hold a DDartists gallery exhibition! Please join us and encourage our DDartists!