Youth Development

Our Youth Development program revolves around two axis: Chance Makers and Trampoline Project.

Chance Makers Volunteer Council

All Give Chances volunteers have the opportunity to serve on the volunteer council, Chance Makers. These volunteers support the community by spreading awareness about educational inequality and the actions needed to address it.
Our council members are inspired and determined to better the world around us, starting with their own communities. Their hope is to become the intersection of change, aspiration and action.
During program hours, volunteers share their time and talents, helping children from low-income families get the educational support they need. Outside of program hours, they become council members and are committed to community-based outreach, social action and advocacy.

  • Responsibilities

    • Attend all board meetings and in-person events

    • Actively participate in volunteer opportunities offered by Give Chances

    • Be a leader and role model for fellows volunteers
    • Cooperate with team members

  • Qualifications

    • Current high school student
    • Must be a current volunteer at Give Chances who has served as a volunteer tutor for at least 1 year

    • Responsible, team player with a can-do attitude

    • Passionate about giving back to the community

    • Demonstrated leadership abilities

The goal of the Chance Makers’ is twofold

1. Raise awareness around educational inequality by focusing on increasing community involvement and support

2. Empower the next generation of youth to take action and fight for equitable education for all

Board Member Positions & Resposibilities

Chance Makers Healing Program

A program designed for high school students to address college admissions stress, navigate the journey of becoming a leader, and tackle other concerns unique to youth. The Chance Makers Healing Program places a strong emphasis on counseling to provide a safe and supportive space for students to thrive.
  • Counseling and Support

    We understand that high school years can be challenging and overwhelming. Our dedicated team of compassionate counselors and staff is here to listen, guide, and support students as they navigate the complexities of college preparation, leadership development, and the issues that impact their overall well-being. We provide individual and group counseling sessions to address a wide range of youth concerns.

  • College Admissions Stress

    Preparing for college can be a source of stress for many high school students. Our counselors, program coordinators, and staff discuss the college application process, academic concerns, and stresses with all Chance Makers participants. We offer personalized guidance to alleviate college-related stress and empower students to make informed decisions about their future.

  • The Model Minority Myth and Bamboo Ceiling

    The Chance Makers Healing Program recognizes the unique challenges that high school students from Asian and Pacific Islander backgrounds may face, including the model minority myth and the bamboo ceiling. We provide counseling and support to help students navigate these issues, offering a safe space for open dialogue and empowering them to challenge stereotypes. We are committed to dismantling these harmful narratives and supporting students in their journey towards personal and academic success.

  • Other Youth Concerns and Peer Support

    We recognize that high school students face a wide range of concerns that are unique to their age group. Our Healing Program encourages open discussions and peer support, allowing students to address topics such as mental health, romantic relationships, stress management, and societal issues. We create a safe and inclusive space where students can openly share their experiences, find comfort in knowing they are not alone, and receive guidance from trained professionals.

Trampoline Project

Give Chances Trampoline Project allows teenagers with dysfunctional families and less than desirable living conditions the opportunity to travel to the US. Currently collaborating with welfare centers in Korea to further reach those in similar situations. For 10 days, these individuals will not only learn about politics, the US economy, but also visit cultural landmarks, and see how others live. Expanding their view of the world and the people who live on it. But, most of all making meaningful connections with people who they can talk, learn, and grow from beyond the 10 days. After they go back to their families, we continue to mentor and provide counseling.

  • Vision Trip

    Korean youth from 7th to 12th grade students are given the chance to travel around the United States and get a brighter vision of the land of dream and opportunity.

  • Cultural Exchange

    Students in Korea are paired with peers or older Korean-American students in the United States to exchange each others' language and culture over zoom.

  • Mentorship

    Following a survey of the participating students' career interests and academic pursuits, relevant professionals are invited to provide mentorship both in the US and Korea.