Joyful Learning
Afterschool Program

Children from low-income families often do not have access to the same academic support and resources as their more affluent peers. This can lead to a learning gap.

To help children beat the odds and overcome this learning gap, Give Chances created our Joyful Learning afterschool program.

Joyful Learning is designed to meet students where they are through affordable one-on-one, educational support. We offer in-person and online homework assistance, tutoring, and extracurricular opportunities for low-income students in grades one through eight.

With Give Chances, Students Will…

  • Receive one-on-one academic support

  • Discover their talents

  • Gain self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn healthy communication skills

  • Find a sense of community

  • Engage with their peers

Two Types of Programs

  • In-Person

    We currently have two in-person learning centers in New Jersey and one in-person learning center in New York. All our centers run Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM EST for students in grades 1-8 who live in NJ and NY.

  • Online

    Our online program is offered via Zoom Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM EST for students in grades 1-8 who live anywhere in the US.

Student Achievements

  • Demonstrated increased
    English proficiency

  • Saw increased math test scores

  • Reported increased
    self-confidence and self-esteem

Program Components

  • Homework Assistance

    At Give Chances, we believe that homework completion and comprehension are vital to a student’s academic achievement. That’s why our in-person afterschool program focuses on homework assistance.

    Students meet one-on-one with our tutors for individualized help with school assignments and test prep. This ensures your child gets the care and attention they need.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    We believe every student should have the opportunity to explore their interests and hobbies outside of the classroom, regardless of their economic background.

    As part of our in-person afterschool program, we bring in professionals from a range of different fields including music, art and physical education.

    These extracurricular activities provide a fun, creative outlet for students to find and grow their talents.

  • Math & Language Arts Enrichment

    Because a strong foundation is the key to success, we offer math and English language arts enrichment classes at our in-person locations. Using credible, high-quality educational materials and resources, these classes aim to keep students ahead of the income achievement gap.

    Whether your child requires extra help understanding math concepts, or struggles putting their thoughts into words, our tutors have the expertise to get them on tack for academic success!

  • Nationwide Support

    For students who are unable to attend our in-person afterschool program, we offer online tutoring.

    Our volunteer tutors interact with students in real-time assisting them with class assignments and other tasks. This allows students to work and learn at their own pace, in a space where they feel comfortable.

    Instruction is done primarily via Zoom, however students also have access to additional resources including Khan Academy, an online learning platform where students can practice their math skills, and Epic, an online library featuring hundreds of books and articles.

Joyful Learning Healing Program

Physical and Mental Support for After-School Students
  • Counseling for Students

    At the Joyful Learning Healing Program, we understand that academic success is closely tied to emotional well-being. Our dedicated team of compassionate counselors and teaching staff is here to listen, provide guidance, and offer support to students facing various academic and personal challenges. We offer individual and group counseling sessions, creating a safe and confidential space for students to express their concerns and find solace.

  • Counseling for Parents/Guardians

    We understand that parents play a crucial role in their child's academic journey. The Healing Program at Joyful Learning provides a range of resources and support tailored to empower parents in navigating their child's education.

    Individual consultations with counselors are available to address specific concerns and provide personalized guidance. Whether parents have questions about their child's academic progress, need assistance with navigating the education system, or simply seek a listening ear, the program's counselors are ready to provide support.

  • Abuse and Familial Issues

    We understand that some students may be facing difficult situations at home, including abuse or other familial issues. We prioritize creating an environment of trust and confidentiality. Our staff are trained to handle sensitive issues with utmost care and respect. Students can feel comfortable sharing their experiences, concerns, and emotions, knowing that their privacy will be protected. We strictly adhere to ethical guidelines and mandatory reporting protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

  • Academic Concerns

    We recognize that academic hurdles can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for students with limited resources and unique cultural backgrounds. Our program focuses on addressing academic concerns and providing tailored solutions. Our staff work closely with students to identify their individual needs and develop personalized strategies to overcome challenges, improve study skills, and enhance academic performance.

Joyful Learning Website

Our online portal makes it easy to measure our students’ progress and ensure that every student is getting the care and attention they need. Both students and tutors have access to the portal where we keep track of attendance, academic achievements and students’ overall well being. Students are also able to review materials covered during tutoring sessions and access additional resources to aid in their learning.

Learn More

Joyful Learning System Instruction Video

Financial Aid

In an effort to make our Joyful Learning afterschool program fully accessible to any student who wants to enroll, we offer substantial financial assistance for those who qualify. Currently, every student enrolled in our Joyful Learning program, both in-person and online, is able to attend for free.


Student Story (Luis Gomez)