Dream & Hope
Community Support Program

The inception of the Dream & Hope program was driven by a commitment to support the students and families associated with Give Chances. This program is dedicated to the financial empowerment of our community, striving to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance through a variety of avenues, including donations and scholarships. Our overarching goal is to make a meaningful impact by fostering financial stability and opportunities within our community.

  • Food & Grocery Items

  • COVID-19 Necessities

  • School Supplies

  • Academic Scholarships

Dream & Hope In Action

  • Rent Subsidization

    Understanding the economic difficulties experienced by many families associated with Give Chances, we took proactive measures to alleviate some of the financial strain. This initiative resulted in the subsidization of one month's rent for each family, providing essential support. Each family received $500, aimed at lessening their financial burdens and fostering stability in challenging times.

  • Food Assistance

    In dedication to the well-being of our students and their families, Give Chances consistently provides weekly food donations. This ongoing effort aims to address essential nutritional needs and offer support beyond specific circumstances, ensuring a sustained impact on our community.

  • Scholarship Fund

    To diminish financial barriers for students from low-income families and foster success among both students and volunteers, we proudly extend academic scholarships. These scholarships go beyond covering tuition expenses, encompassing a diverse array of student needs. Our commitment is to create an inclusive and supportive educational environment where every student can thrive, unburdened by financial constraints.

Dream & Hope Healing Program

Support and Counseling for Low-Income Participants and Families Undergoing Distress
  • Counseling for Participants

    Our compassionate counselors and staff provide individualized counseling services to students in The Dream & Hope Program. We understand that navigating financial challenges can be emotionally taxing, and we aim to offer a space where participants can freely express their concerns, anxieties, and dreams. Through personalized counseling sessions, we work with participants to develop effective coping mechanisms, enhance their resilience, and nurture their emotional well-being. Our goal is to empower participants to overcome obstacles and thrive academically, personally, and financially.

  • Counseling for Families

    We recognize that families play a vital role in the success and well-being of children. Our Healing Program provides dedicated counseling and support services specifically tailored to parents in The Dream & Hope program. We understand that financial concerns can create stress and uncertainty for parents, and we offer a safe and confidential space for them to share their worries, explore coping strategies, and seek guidance. Our counselors are here to offer emotional support, empower parents with effective communication and decision-making skills, and assist them in navigating financial challenges.

  • Financial Education and Resource Referrals

    In addition to counseling, we provide financial education resources to participants and parents. We also offer practical guidance on budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. We also connect participants and parents with relevant resources and referrals, such as financial aid opportunities, scholarship programs, and community support organizations. By equipping our community with financial knowledge and resources, we aim to foster long-term financial well-being.

  • Addressing Stigma

    The Healing Program of the Dream & Hope program understands the pervasive impact of stigma on individuals and families facing various challenges. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where participants and their families can find solace and support, free from judgment and stigma. Our program aims to challenge and dismantle stigmatizing beliefs by promoting empathy, understanding, and acceptance. Through counseling, education, and community engagement, we foster a culture of compassion and respect, empowering individuals to embrace their unique experiences and thrive despite societal biases.


To apply for assistance via our Dream & Hope program, candidates must meet the following qualifications:
• Must be a current student or volunteer at our Joyful Learning afterschool program
• Must have a demonstrated need for financial assistance and support
• Must submit all required forms and documentation

The Dream & Hope program is continually looking for new ways to positively impact and be of service to the members of our community. If you would like to reach out to us and speak to a member of the Give Chances’ team regarding your situation and how we can support you, please contact us at info@givechances.org or call 201-266-0640.

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