Student Application

Enroll in 3 Easy Steps

*All students must submit required forms at the start of each academic school year in addition to any other required documentation.

  • Register online at

  • Complete the emailed financial aid application form.

  • Submit all forms and any additional documentation.

Registration Information

The student registration form includes the following:

• Student name/address and contact information
• Pick up authorization
• Emergency contact & insurance information
• Medication information & health history
• Allergy information
• Consent & waiver form signatures
• Photo and video usage consent form

Financial Aid Application

In an effort to make our Joyful Learning afterschool program fully accessible to any student who wants to enroll, Give Chances offers financial aid to those who qualify.

*The final cost of tuition is decided by the headquarters on a sliding fee scale.

Financial Aid Eligibility Verification

In order to prove eligibility for either of our financial aid packages, students’ families must submit one of the three documents listed below to verify family income status:

• Most recent tax report
• Reduced/free lunch letter
• Recommendation letters from teachers, leaders of faith-based organizations, public charities or social workers that are aware of the family’s income level

Contact Give Chances at or call 201-266-0640 to receive our registration forms and enroll your child in one of our afterschool programs today!