Disability Support Program

The DDartists Disability Support Program is a program for young artists with developmental disabilities. It fosters a compassionate environment, empowering participants to explore their artistic talents while developing vital life skills. The program's weekly sessions are structured into Talent Development and Job Training components for a holistic approach to skill enhancement and overall growth.

Who We Serve

The size of our participants has grown from 6 participating artists in 2022 to 8 participating artists and 8 parents in 2023.

  • Talent Development & Job Training

    At Give Chances, we've curated a diverse art education program with two dedicated teams: the Exploratory Artists Team for younger talents and the Professional Development Team for seasoned artists. We offer specialized tracks in fine art, digital art, and arts and crafts, tailoring our approach to individual interests and abilities.

    Beyond artistic skills, we provide essential training in resume writing and computer use, ensuring a holistic development experience for all participants. Join us to expand and develop your artistic talents while gaining practical skills for personal and professional growth.

  • Social Skill Building

    A crucial element of finding and retaining employment is one’s social skills. Give Chances prepares participants for these scenarios with interview training and speaking exercises.

  • Employment Opportunities

    DDartists provides several opportunities of employment through internal fundraisers to help participants become economically self-reliant with their profession and to become part of the community.

Our Success Model

Through our innovative learn and earn model, DDartists not only advance their talents but also contribute meaningfully to society. In this process, they not only gain valuable skills but also experience a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose.

With every sale, 100% of the proceeds go directly back into the DDartist program, providing more opportunities for our artists to learn and grow.

Program Achievements

  • Our program facilitated four rounds of salary disbursements totaling $9,550, promoting financial independence. The introduction of new products increased revenue to $28,300, fostering financial stability and self-sufficiency.

  • At Give Chances, our commitment extends beyond individual artistic development to community support. We collaborate with artists in Jersey City through various projects aimed at promoting and supporting their needs. Our annual DDartists Exhibition, showcasing six participants in 2023, is a testament to our dedication to boosting community inclusion opportunities.

    Moreover, we actively engage with the local community through regular outreach events, fostering a more inclusive environment and ensuring that artists have the support they need to thrive.

  • Elevating artist branding and exposure, our program focuses on artistic identity building through photoshoots, profiles, and website launches. Collaborating on TikTok further enhances exposure, complemented by the strategic execution of marketing initiatives for widespread visibility.

Annual DDartists Exhibition Highlights

Meet the Artists

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