Disability Support Program

Our DDartists disability support program provides a safe and caring environment for young artists with developmental disabilities to explore and advance their talents while gaining important life skills.

The program is free and meets once a week in Northvale, NJ. Each day is broken down into two key units: Talent Development and Job Training.

  • Talent Development

    During Talent Development, DDartists attend hour long art classes lead by professional art teachers. The curriculum focuses on exploring new materials and learning about different artistic techniques.

  • Job Training

    Job training focuses on office and warehouse process and procedures. DDartists learn important employability skills including communication and efficiency, which help build self-confidence.

DDartists Healing Program

We understand that navigating life with developmental disabilities can present unique challenges and stresses. Our program focuses on counseling to provide a nurturing and compassionate environment where participants and parents can openly discuss their experiences, seek guidance, and access valuable support systems.
  • Counseling for Participants

    Our caring and experienced counselors and staff are committed to providing individualized counseling to participants with developmental disabilities. We create a safe and inclusive space where participants can freely express their emotions, concerns, and triumphs. Through tailored counseling sessions, we aim to enhance self-confidence, foster personal growth, and provide effective coping strategies for managing various challenges. Our goal is to empower participants to embrace their artistic abilities, explore their potential, and develop resilience.

  • Counseling for Parents

    We understand that parents of individuals with developmental disabilities may experience unique stressors and uncertainties. Our program offers dedicated counseling and support services specifically designed to address the concerns of parents. We provide a confidential and empathetic space where parents can share their challenges, seek guidance, and gain valuable resources. Our counselors are here to listen, validate their experiences, and offer strategies to promote well-being and enhance the parent-child relationship.

  • Resource and Support Referrals

    In addition to counseling, we provide comprehensive resource and support referrals to participants and parents. Our program collaborates with various organizations and community networks that specialize in developmental disabilities, ensuring access to a wide range of services, such as therapies, educational resources, advocacy support, and disability rights information. We are committed to connecting participants and parents with the appropriate resources to meet their unique needs.

  • Community Inclusion

    We believe in the power of community and fostering connections among participants and parents. Our program organizes support groups, workshops, and events where participants and parents can engage with others and foster community inclusion. These gatherings provide an opportunity to form meaningful relationships, share insights, and provide mutual support.

Special Events

Our DDartists engage in various arts and crafts activities. Recent examples include painting flower pots, making photo collages, and attending pottery classes. These activities stimulate somatic sense and help with dexterity. We also host an annual exhibition featuring our DDartists’ artwork.

Learn & Earn

Thanks to our learn and earn model, our DDartists are able to advance their talents while also contributing to society and, in the process, gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

How It Works

With every sale, 100% of the proceeds go directly back into the DDartist program, providing more opportunities for our artists to learn and grow.

Meet the Artists

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