Disability Support Program

Our DDartists disability suport program provides a safe and caring environment for young artists with developmental disabilities to explore and advance their talents while gaining important life skills.

The program is free and meets once a week in Northvale, NJ. Each day is broken down into two key units: Talent Development and Job Training.

  • Talent Development

    During Talent Development, DDartists attend hour long art classes lead by professional art teachers. The curriculum focuses on exploring new materials and learning about different artistic techniques.

  • Job Training

    Job training focuses on office and warehouse process and procedures. DDartists learn important employability skills including communication and efficiency, which help build self-confidence.

Special Events

Our DDartists engage in various arts and crafts activities. Recent examples include painting flower pots, making photo collages, and attending pottery classes. These activities stimulate somatic sense and help with dexterity. We also host an annual exhibition featuring our DDartists’ artwork.

Learn & Earn

Thanks to our learn and earn model, our DDartists are able to advance their talents while also contributing to society and, in the process, gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

How It Works

With every sale, 100% of the proceeds go directly back into the DDartist program, providing more opportunities for our artists to learn and grow.

Meet the Artists

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