Bridging Connections with our Global Friendship Program!

In continuation of our mission to offer transformative opportunities for young students, Give Chances is launching its Global Friendship Program. We wholeheartedly recognize the value of connecting with diverse individuals and developing dynamic relationships, which is why our new program is focusing on creating a bridge for exposure between students in South Korea and the US. Such communication will be facilitated through live online discussions about goals, hopes, dreams, interests, cultures, and so on!
The Global Friendship Program will enable the participants to form unique friendships, exchange cultural experiences, advance social skills, and progress as open-minded individuals. Our Korean students will also have the opportunity to learn more English and vice versa with our US students, being culturally aware overall. Most importantly, the program will serve as an open space for participants to simply have fun!
We are thrilled to see what wonderful experiences await the students and how they utilize them!
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