December Weekly Newsletter 2

2023 Winter English Camp Orientation 

We are very excited to announce the successful completion of our 2023 Winter English Camp Orientation on December 7th, 7-8 PM. Eleven Give Chances volunteers joined the orientation to prepare to welcome seven students from South Korea who are eager to learn English! Four of the students from South Korea plan on visiting us in the United States next year as part of the Trampoline program. Participating students are from low-income families who does not have an easy access to opportunities to learn English outside of school and have been experiencing financial, family or friend related difficulties. To better educate our volunteers about how they can build relationships with the students, our orientation focused on learning about each participating students and best practices for teaching language and teaching online. We are excited for these opportunities where students can learn conversational English and to make life-long friends from the United States. We are looking forward to the beginning of 2023 Winter English Camp and appreciate everyone’s support in the planning and execution of the program. 

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