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A Surprising Happiness

A Surprising Happiness

Rachelle Kim 11th Grade
(River Dell High School Student) 

           As with a lot of other aspects in my life, my time volunteering at Give Chances has also seen changes. I’m no longer able to see the students in person - it’s all over the phone and computer now. At first, it was admittedly hard to adjust to the way things ran. The first couple of days were a bit complicated because all teaching had to be done remotely, and students are definitely feeling antsy from having to sit and focus for so long. Although adjusting may have been a bit difficult, everything afterwards ran smoothly. Online tutoring may be much more different than being able to talk to the students in person, but there were a lot of good points to look at.

To start with, the children seemed much more relaxed. The students that I worked with talked more comfortably with me and I got to speak to them about a lot of different things - whatever they wanted to chat about, I did. It’s been an overall great experience because it’s helped me bond with the students better. As I show the students that I trust them to listen and get their work on time, they are able to relax and talk to me about their day or week while they work. The worst part is just not being able to give them a hug in person.