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An Interview with Eunhwa Lee (Give Chances Spanish Interpreter)

1. How did you decide to volunteer at Give Chances?

I used to serve as a Korean ministry youth teacher at NJ ChoDae Church with Mr. Kevin Lee.  One day, Mr. Lee talked about Give Chances. When I had the chance, I really wanted to join him. Moreover, I lived in Paraguay when I was in high School.  I'm not great at Spanish but I can speak the language.  I like children and I am very interested in education, so I am happy to join Give Chance.

2. What volunteer work did you do at Give Chances?

Since 2017, I have been translating Korean into Spanish for Hispanic students and parents at the year-end event. 

3. What do you like about volunteering at Give Chances?

I'm not good at Spanish because I learned so long ago, but I am really grateful that it can help someone. Also,  I served at the year-end event from 2017 once a year. I am really happy to see the students grow up.

4. What are your thoughts about sharing?

I think sharing starts with the small moments, not the big ones. Also, I think sharing is like magic creating another piece of joy. The more you share, the happier you become and the more gratitude and joy you have in it.

5. Do you want to leave a message to Give Chances?

I hope that more volunteer students will be able to come out and give more opportunities to students who have difficulty studying. I think it would be a good idea to tell the students that they can speak Spanish, their native language. It is also important to develop talents who can speak English and Spanish naturally by recognizing that it is really important for students to use their native language well.

6. Any message to share during the Covid-19?

It was very difficult with the Covid - 19, but I was really impressed by the teachers of Give Chance who took care of each and every student with their whole heart. I hope that the students will learn well and grow into people who can share their love.

7. Thank you for your talent donation. What are your thoughts about talent donation? 

I've talked about it for a while, but sharing is a small thing, but I think it brings more joy. To be honest, my Spanish is not as fluent as a talent donor, but I am so glad and thankful that Give Chance can help me communicate with students and hard parents. I hope I can take a little more time and be together in the future. I've known Give Chance since 2017 and it's been over 3 years since I have started participating. I think the seeds that were planted at that time are growing beautifully. I pray that Give Chance and the students who study here will grow well and become a beautiful tree to give love to others and to bear the fruit of beautiful love.

Thank you.