An Interview with Naoko Stoop

An Interview with Naoko Stoop

Recently, Give Chances had the honor of hosting a guest speaker in one of its after-school class periods, where we were graced with the presence of a children’s book author and illustrator, Naoko Stoop. Ms. Naoko is a Brooklyn and New York based author who recently donated some of her books directly to Give Chances, and the students were very happy with the chance to sit down and talk to their newly discovered favorite author. 

Ms. Stoop answered many questions throughout the meeting given to her by the students, and those who enjoyed drawing seemed to have a piqued curiosity in her words. When asked about how her career started by one of the students, Ms. Stoop answered that it was a decision she made when she felt restless while working the corporate life. One day, she quit her job and went on a journey of self-discovery and while doing so, she rekindled her love for drawing. Her story as an artist started there, where she got discovered and eventually became the celebrated author and illustrator she is today. 

During the interview / Q&A session, there was also a duration where students themselves showed them their own art to Naoko, and she engaged in creative discussion where the students took the time to explain their drawings to her. Ms. Stoop took the time to compliment and appreciate each piece of art presented to her, and even the shyer students seemed to be excited at the chance of talking with her. In particular, a very enthusiastic student of Give Chances, Nicole, could hardly contain her excitement at meeting one of the creators behind her favorite book, “Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party”. 

All in all, Give Chances is incredibly thankful for Ms. Stoop for accepting our invite to come and speak to the students, and it seemed to have sparked a newfound passion for art within many of the students themselves. We can’t wait to see where their artistic journey will take them, and Ms. Stoop is someone to thank for that growth.

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