An Unparalleled Experience  Sena (9th Grade, Leonia High School)

An Unparalleled Experience Sena (9th Grade, Leonia High School)

Through my years of teaching at Give Chances, I think it’s safe to say I’ve learned more than I taught. Although Give Chances was created with the intention of bettering the future for its students, it is also an incredibly remarkable experience for the volunteers as well. As part of this organization, I’ve learned the privilege of having a community and seeing the students grow and improve. The feeling of seeing a student utilize a skill I taught motivates me to not only become a better teacher but a better mentor and friend to the students. I’ve learned that it is a privilege to be able to expose ourselves to new things and bring them back to the people around us. Give Chances allowed me to really reevaluate the significance of learning and the things I’ve experienced at the organization are truly unparalleled. I believe that being able to overcome these difficult times together is what allows us to do better each time and I look forward to seeing my students in person after the pandemic.
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