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DDartists' New Sponsor: Worldshoppe

DDartists' New Sponsor: Worldshoppe

Introducing Worldshoppe:
As a sourcing and marketing expertise company specialized in the online market, Worldshoppe analyzes the consumers' needs and uses global sourcing in order to sell a variety of high quality products through e-commerce platforms. Using online marketing techniques, not only do we sell our products but build brands to increase profits. 

Products of Worldshoppe
  • Kids desk chair (SitRite) 
  • Homewear (Olive Birds)
  • Interior design items (IronMarque) 
  • Stationery  (DDartist)
Why we support DDartists:
Worldshoppe believes that social responsibility is a reason for the existence of companies just as important as profit creation. Through the sponsorship of the DDaritsts program, Worldshoppe actively participates in expanding talent development and employment opportunities of children with developmental disabilities. We will continue to strive to be a compassionate company that cares for the socially disadvantaged with our resources in line with the company's growth.