[Give Chances] April Weekly Newsletter 1

Celebrating Collaboration:
bbq Chicken x Give Chances

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with bbq! With their support, partnership, and willingness for local and global change, Give Chances has and will continue to enhance its free after-school programs, art classes for adults with disabilities, and more!

With support from companies like bbq and like-minded individuals, we can continue to serve those in need! If you'd like to further support our cause, consider making a donation today.

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Save the Date:
Annual Love and Sharing Concert Happening This September!

Save the date for an unforgettable evening of music and compassion!

Give Chances will present the Love and Sharing Concert on Wednesday, September 18th, offering an enriching experience, no matter your age! Live music, performances, and good food, which will enthrall the hearts and minds of everyone attending. We have helped many lives through the local community, and every year we use this opportunity to raise funds for many necessary programs.

For example, our Joyful Learning Program covers many services that people like you may be looking for such as summer enrichment programs in NJ or academic summer programs. Through this event, we will celebrate our progress, where your support is going, and our future goals for the foreseeable future.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot at this special occasion!

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