[Give Chances] April Weekly Newsletter 3-2

Meaningful Progress of Students in our Joyful After-School Program!

At Give Chances' Joyful Learning After-School Program, we strive to provide children with exceptional educational experiences and foster their academic growth. Through our English Language Camps, coding classes, and more, we offer unique opportunities for language exchange as well as hands-on learning that go beyond traditional classroom studies.

In our online Joyful Learning After-School Program, we encourage critical and analytical reading skills and participation in facilitated discussions by exploring various topics including current events. We additionally work with our volunteers to help students engage in thoughtful discourse.

We have received reports from parents that our program has helped their children improve their reading and discussion skills, and even sparked a newfound enthusiasm for future studies and learning. For example, we received feedback from a parent in Arizona whose 8th-grade child was previously disinterested in education, but has now been active preparing for the SAT with our tutors to improve their academic potential.

We are proud to have contributed to the academic progress and success of so many children, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to this mission.

Support DDartists by Purchasing Mother's Day Dried Flower Cards!

As Mother's Day approaches, the youth artists of our DDartists Program are hard at work creating beautiful dried flower cards to celebrate this special occasion! Our artists with developmental disabilities have found great satisfaction in adding their personal touch and creating stunning cards to commemorate this meaningful day.

Using high-quality dried flowers sourced from South Korea and custom stamps, our team put great care and effort into decorating each card, ensuring that the love and affection intended for the recipient is beautifully conveyed. The process of creating these cards has been a happy and highly anticipated weekly activity for DDartists partipants, our staff, and adult volunteers who came together to craft these heartfelt gifts.

If you would like to support our DDartists Program and add an extra special touch to your Mother's Day gift, please consider purchasing one of our unique dried flower greeting cards through this link: https://givechances.org/products/dried-flower-greeting-card.

Chance Makers Mentoring Event Committee Host First Board Meeting!

This week, members of the Chance Makers Mentoring Event Committee convened for the first Board Meeting to discuss the upcoming May Chance Makers Mentoring Panelist Event. During the meeting, the committee reviewed the bios of the panelists and the keynote speaker to ensure that they were properly represented and that their experiences were accurately reflected.

The committee also worked diligently to develop thought-provoking questions for the event's moderators to ask the panelists and keynote speaker. These questions were carefully categorized and designed to explore a range of topics, including challenges the panelists overcame; how they explored their career options; and their dedication to giving back to the community. The committee members' participation in this process was instrumental in ensuring that the event will be informative, engaging, and meaningful.

We are deeply grateful for the dedication and hard work of the Chance Makers Mentoring Event Committee. Their contributions to the event planning process were truly invaluable, and we are confident that their efforts will help to make this mentoring event a success.

We look forward to the event in May and can't wait to see the incredible impact it will have on our attendees' personal and professional lives!

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