[Give Chances] April Weekly Newsletter 2

Trampoline Project:
Empowering Youth Through Cultural Exchange

Come join us on a journey with amazing experiences empowering pivotal life changing moments. Here’s the details of what’s coming up:

In order to get ready for the Trampoline Project, which allows teenagers with less than desirable living conditions the opportunity to travel to the US. This year we will have YANA experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with us. This will be an adventure, starting from July 22nd and ending on July 30th.

To get ready for the Trampoline Project, starting from June, we will be diligently preparing educational sessions with YANA, and Give Chances. This is part of Give Chances commitment to provide summer enrichment programs and good extracurricular leadership opportunities for teens. When they arrive in the US, they will have the chance to broaden their perspectives by exploring cultural landmarks, and establish meaningful connections that extend beyond the program.

Help us empower youth through cultural exchange and summer enrichment programs. Together, we can make a difference!

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Mother's Day Project:
Spreading Love Through Creativity

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Mother's Day Project, where creativity meets compassion to spread love and joy. Here are the details of this heartwarming initiative: Our Chance Makers, DDartists, and local community volunteers are coming together for the Mother's Day flower card-making initiative. This creative endeavor will be showcased at the Give Chances Pop-Up Shop on April 27th, the Artisan Market on May 4th, and online through Give Chances' platform.

Purchase DDartists Dry Flower Cards Here!

Save the Dates:

Give Chances Pop-Up Shop:
Date: April 27th
Time: Set-up at 12pm, 1pm - 6pm
2029 Hudson St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Artisan Market:
Date: May 4th
Location: Fort Lee Hudson Light

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