[Give Chances] August Weekly Newsletter 2

Preparing for the Fall Semester with the Lead Teacher Training Workshop

The Lead Teacher Training Workshop this week was an exciting opportunity for our lead teachers from Parsippany, Palisades Park, and the new Leonia branch to come together for an enriching educational training session. This workshop focused on the roles of the headquarters and branches, effective communication strategies, and an introduction to the new systems that will be implemented.

One of the key features of the new system is the inclusion of a biweekly report, allowing lead teachers to share comprehensive insights about branch operations. This real-time reporting will enable the headquarters to efficiently manage the overall situation at the branches. 

Additionally, lead teachers were introduced to enhancements in the Joyful Learning System that allows educators to easily input students’ pre- and post- test scores. This will streamline the process of recording, comparing, and generating analyses of test scores. This improvement aims to enhance efficiency for both teachers and headquarters staff while facilitating simple management of student records.

Anticipation and Excitement as Families Gather for Departure to Camp Naru!

The atmosphere was charged with a mix of excitement and curiosity as children and their families converged in the early morning hours, ready to embark on a journey of discovery at Camp Naru. Despite an unexpected delay, the mood remained upbeat and vibrant among both children and parents.

Last year's campers, reuniting with old friends, shared animated conversations as they eagerly awaited the adventure ahead. The sense of camaraderie was palpable as children mingled and formed connections with new acquaintances, creating a harmonious blend of anticipation and unity.

The delayed departure, though a minor setback, seemed inconsequential in the grand scheme of the adventure unfolding. Conversations flowed, laughter resonated, and the camaraderie between families continued to thrive. As the buses finally pulled out, the initial delay had been overshadowed by the anticipation that filled the air.

Diverse faces from various backgrounds painted a vivid picture of unity in diversity, reflecting Camp Naru’s commitment to bringing together young Korean-American children and youth from all walks of life. Despite the delay, the departure was a testimony to the families' shared enthusiasm, which remained undiminished.

One mother’s words captured the essence of the moment: it was a bittersweet blend of excitement and separation. This pre-departure experience, marked by shared stories, joyful chatter, and the sense of unity, encapsulated the essence of Camp Naru. As families exchanged farewells and children boarded the buses, it was clear that the wait had only heightened the sense of excitement, making the journey that lay ahead all the more exhilarating.

We’d like to thank the Camp Naru team for financially accommodating so many of our Give Chances students and allowing them this experience of a lifetime. For more information about Camp Naru, please visit https://www.campnaru.org/.

We hope that Camp Naru campers have an amazing time and return home safely! 

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