[Give Chances] December Weekly Newsletter 2

DDartists Series:
5 DDartists Awarded at the Show Me Your Heart Foundation Art Competition!

We are delighted to share the exciting news that five talented artists from Give Chances have been recognized and awarded at the recent Show Me Your Heart Foundation (SMYH) Art Competition. Seojin Jeon, Eunsong Ham, Doha Sim, Sungbae Park, and Albert Kim have demonstrated exceptional creativity and artistic prowess, earning accolades for their outstanding contributions to the world of art.

The SMYH Foundation, committed to investing in the youth and fostering the talents of future leaders within the American immigrant community, established the Show Me Your Heart initiative. This non-profit organization aims to provide a platform for young artists to showcase their skills, encouraging them to expand their horizons and integrate into mainstream American society.

The award ceremony and exhibition of the winning artworks are scheduled to take place on December 28th at 12 PM at Saint Joseph Children's Hospital. This event promises to be a celebration of creativity, talent, and the vibrant spirit of these budding artists.

Seojin Jeon, Eunsong Ham, Doha Sim, Sungbae Park, and Albert Kim have not only demonstrated their artistic abilities but have also embraced the opportunity to contribute to the cultural landscape of their community. Their unique perspectives and creative expressions have left a lasting impact on the judges and the entire SMYH Foundation community.

The SMYH Foundation believes that by nurturing the artistic talents of the youth, we can play a vital role in making the world a better place. Art has the power to transcend boundaries, foster understanding, and create connections between individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through initiatives like the Show Me Your Heart Art Competition, the foundation aims to support young artists in realizing their potential and building bridges across communities.

The upcoming event at Saint Joseph Children's Hospital promises to be a showcase of not only artistic excellence but also a testament to the foundation's commitment to empowering the youth. The award ceremony will be a momentous occasion, bringing together artists, supporters, and the community to celebrate the achievements of these talented individuals.

As we look forward to the exhibition and award ceremony on December 28th, we invite you to join us in applauding the efforts of Seojin Jeon, Eunsong Ham, Doha Sim, Sungbae Park, and Albert Kim. Their success not only contributes to the rich tapestry of the American immigrant community but also inspires others to pursue their passions and dreams.

Let us come together to celebrate the power of art, the potential of youth, and the mission of the Show Me Your Heart Foundation in creating a brighter future for all.

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