[Give Chances] February Weekly Newsletter 1

[Give Chances] February Weekly Newsletter 1


                                         English Winter Camp Began!

Give Chances Inc. has partnered with Gangseo Social Welfare Center from Korea to offer free English Winter Camp for the duration of 4 weeks. Give Chances USA volunteers utilize an ESL curriculum made by professionals to give English learning opportunities to hard-working students from Korea recommended by Gangseo Social Welfare Center. The English Winter Camp is a testament to Give Chances’s commitment to educational equity for all students, especially those who are affected by financial hardship. We hope that this opportunity will serve as a bridge between the students from Korea and the volunteers from the US where there’s not only an exchange of knowledge but also an appreciation for each other’s culture. We are hopeful that this English camp will serve as a stepping stone for students to grow into a global citizen. 

One of Give Chances’ high school volunteers said, “I am excited to have made a new friend in Korea and it has been a very rewarding experience to be able to teach English to students. Well-made curriculum is also immensely helpful for leading the class.” 

Give Chances USA will continue to be at the forefront of the programs providing quality educational opportunities to fight the educational inequity.  

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