[Give Chances] February Weekly Newsletter 2

Thank you for showing your support for DDartists!


Last weekend, DDartists, their parents, and Give Chances volunteers set up a stand in front of Cafe HESED in Little Ferry to showcase some of the art pieces made by our DDartsits for the Valentine’s Day fundraiser. We had an amazing time connecting with the community members to raise awareness about developmental disabilities. This served as a great opportunity for our supporters to get a closer look at the products. 

A wide array of people expressed their interest in learning more about the program. One of them said, “I love that there is an organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. It is impressive to see you all out in this weather to tell us more about your program and how it looks to impact our society! Keep up the good work.” 

We were encouraged by our community members who came and stopped by to show their support. The cold weather no longer felt cold as our community members warmed our hearts with kind words of encouragement. We will be at the Cafe HESED again this weekend on 2/11 and 2/12. We hope to see everyone there!

Art Class at Palisades Park!

Huge thanks to Give Chances donors and supports, we were able to work with a professional art teacher Ms. Kim to give our students at the Palisades Park learning center opportunities to receive extracurricular art classes every Friday! Ms. Kim comes from extensive experiences in education and arts. She is using her expertise in the field to take the lead to provide quality art class to students with limited resources to explore different areas of interests that they otherwise would not have opportunity to. 

One of our students came to the Joyful Learning program on friday with a huge excitement, asking “Is today the art class day?! Are we going to do watercolor, or drawing? What are we going to make today?”

It fulfilled both Ms. Kim and Give Chances members with happiness and joy as we shared students’ excitement towards art classes. All of your support allowed us to provide art supplies such as watercolor set, sketchbook, and craft materials so that our students can enjoy their art class with Ms. Kim without having to worry about potential financial issues!

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