[Give Chances] February Weekly Newsletter 3

Making Arts with Our Students!


Last Friday, students delved into various art projects per their grade level and communicated their unique visions of the world. Kindergarten through second graders portrayed themselves as skiers using paper-mache dolls, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners. Third and fourth graders created their own umbrellas, each section containing their personal images of "Summer". Fifth and sixth graders made mosaics of their choice: flowers or birds, focusing on the effect of layering tissue papers to create various 3-dimensional qualities.   


The form of self expression enabled through visual arts is different from the cognitive development achieved by linguistics or science. Art is the way students connect with their own personal experiences, and the creative process trains them for critical thinking, problem solving, and working among peers. Art education however is marginalized at schools especially that suffer from budget cuts due to low tax base. Therefore providing this opportunity for our joyful learning students was crucial. We hope you help us keep fueling this momentum and not make art disappear from their school experiences!

Happy Valentine's Day from Give Chances!

This Valentine’s Day, we collaborated with DDartist to prepare small gifts of love for Joyful Learning students. DDartists carefully assembled mini chocolates into ornaments to create a unique set of sweet desserts of love to share with our students. 

One of our students said, “These are one of my favorite chocolates! I want to eat it but it looks so cute in the ornament that I want to keep it the way it is! Thank you so much for thinking of us.” We thank you for your support that allows us to spread love during this Valentine’s Day with our students and hope your Valentine’s Day was also filled with love and happiness!

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