[Give Chances] January Weekly Newsletter 2

Open Call:
Camp Naru Counselor & CIT Recruitment!

기브챈스와 몇 년에 걸친 파트너십으로 우리 학생들에게 멋진 기회를 제공해 준 캠프나루에서 Counselor (18세 이상성인) 와 Counselor in Training (17세 이상 고등학생) 모집합니다. 아래 글을 보시고 망설이지 말고 지원하세요!

Calling all those that enjoy working with youth and building community!

Camp Naru is an overnight co-ed summer camp that encourages identity development and community building through a Korean American cultural lens. Our campers, ages 9 through 16, spend a week in August at Camp Naru and engage in a robust set of academic and recreational activities. Camp Naru offers campers the opportunity to grow in self-awareness and build a sense of community. We recognize the impact that staff have on this experience and the lasting impact of camp relationships on campers’ cultural exploration.

We have opened our applications for new counselors, counselors-in-training, and care advocates. This is a great opportunity for college students and young adults to engage with the next generation of Korean Americans, providing guidance, support, and mentorship (also, great for the resume).

More details can be found through our website or our slide deck, and on the application forms themselves. Lastly, even if you might not be able to participate, we strongly urge you to share with your network as a way to share this opportunity with as many as possible.

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.


Camp Naru 

Joyful Learning Series:
Volunteer Reflects on His Experiences Teaching Coding Classes

One of our outstanding high school volunteer tutors, Sean Yoon, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to education. Having previously taught a coding class, Sean returned once again this fall to provide meaningful classes to students at Give Chances.

Sean has been engaged with programming languages since middle school, receiving education and training in the field. In his reflections below, he candidly shares his journey.


During this time of teaching, I was able to learn and gain much experience even though I was the teacher. This might seem to be contradictory, but in reality I too had to learn how to teach. Within the realm of teaching I had to learn how to speak properly, how to present the material properly, and how to lead others. Throughout the whole program, I was able to enhance these traits and explain concepts clearer.

At first I was very nervous and anxious about meeting these students for the first time. My heart was pounding so fast that it sounded like the engine of a car. I started to talk really fast and my explanations of concepts were hurried. As classes went by, I felt myself getting calmer each class. All the while, I was learning about which methods were the best to teach the students about Python, a programming language. I found out that some concepts may be harder for these young students to understand because of their lack of knowledge of math.

For example, students found it hard to comprehend exponents. This caused a problem because one of the basic mathematics in Python is exponents symboled as two asterisks (**). I had to figure out the best way to explain how exponents work. This was an especially hard task to do because I was not prepared to teach mathematics. I had to improvise my teaching plan in order to make sure that the students were fully understanding this unit.

Throughout these courses that I have taught, I have learned valuable assets and experienced a lesson.

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