[Give Chances] January Weekly Newsletter 3

DDartists Series:
Introducing Handmade Wax Tablets by DDartists!

Introducing our new product -- DDartists Wax Tablets (Air Fresheners), where the creativity and artistry of individuals with developmental disabilities come to life.

These unique pieces transcend traditional wax tablets, serving as a powerful vehicle to promote social connection and communication through the compelling language of art. Crafted directly by the artists themselves, each tablet reflects a distinct touch and emotional narrative, offering users a profound art experience. Beyond aesthetics, these tablets hold a social impact, with proceeds contributing to the education and artistic endeavors of the creators, emphasizing a commitment to social responsibility.

Purchasing a DDartists Wax Tablet not only provides customers with a unique art piece but also actively supports the artistic development and sustainable income generation of these talented artists, fostering an inclusive and empowering artistic community.

Purchase DDartists Wax Tablets!
Trampoline Series:
Kicking Off Preparations for the 2024 Trampoline Program!

In a shared commitment to providing a secure and loving environment for every child, Give Chances proudly announces its collaboration with Yana, an incorporated association in Korea. Yana is dedicated to ensuring that every child enjoys their inherent rights and experiences the love they deserve, particularly those who may not have had these opportunities.

As a community-driven initiative, Yana works alongside organizations and individuals to amplify their impact, offering support through volunteering and donations. Together with Give Chances, Yana's vision aligns seamlessly with our values as we kick off preparations for the Trampoline Project, aiming to create positive and lasting change in the lives of children who need it most!

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