July Weekly Newsletter 2

Our summer camp has started! For the past 2 years, we have been conducting summer classes and free after-school classes online due to the pandemic. With the necessary protocols, we are finally able to be with our students in person instead of online tutoring. We have a series of exciting programs lined up—besides academic subjects we have art, music, and more extracurricular activities. In addition to learning opportunities, students will also be provided with experiences such as meeting various guest speakers, mentor sessions, and even a free concert performed by an orchestra.
We want to thank The Presbyterian Church of New Jersey in Palisades Park for offering their space for our program and students. We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity this summer and can’t wait to share our journey along the way!
Since the pandemic's start, online learning and other computing services have become increasingly widespread and crucial not only for communication but also for creativity and exploration. To help some of our high school students become more knowledgeable about this critical technology, Hyoungjin Cho, a software engineer at Codizsoft Inc., will be instructing students for free as a talent donation. There is no doubt that these classes will help students thrive creatively and intellectually in a world surrounded by technology. 
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