July Weekly Newsletter 5

Last Monday, our students got to experience a very special pottery class taught by ceramist instructor Karen Chun. Besides increasing artistic ability, creating art with clay is beneficial for mental health. Clay is mistake-friendly as it is incredibly flexible allowing “mistakes” to be fixed easily.  Thank you so much to Karen Chun for sharing her talents. Karen is currently teaching pottery classes at Clayground (61 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ) Check out her Instagram (@clayground_pottery_studio) for more information!
Thank you to PAPERMADE™ for sponsoring an art class for our students! PAPERMADE™ wanted to share the magic of their products with our organization which is why they generously donated their products and other materials to give our students the experience of transforming flat paper into colorful 3D figures. Our students were mesmerized by the way that the flat paper sitting in front of them could become a 3D creation with some imagination. Thank you for giving them this amazing experience. Check out their wonderful products on their social media!
This year, Give Chances was met with many hardships. Just like the rest of the world, we were still dealing with covid and online tutoring, but the biggest hardship of all was being an after-school program and not having a place where we could interact with and enrich our students. However, thanks to the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey in Palisades Park, our volunteers and students were able to reunite for some amazing experiences. We were able to create the beautiful and special Summer Camp and we saw so many smiles this summer. We would like to thank our donors and the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey once again for making this possible! You made this season truly special!
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