[Give Chances] March Weekly Newsletter 2

Give Chances x Stigmi Learning x EBS

Give Chances' Affiliation with Stigmi Learning

Give Chances has formed an affiliation with Stigmi Learning, a virtual math tutoring business that aims to simplify and broaden access to math education. Stigmi Learning was founded by Minwoo Song, a Babson College student who has always been passionate about helping younger students overcome academic anxiety associated with math. He also wanted to promote equitable and accessible education, which led him to discover Give Chances' work.

Stigmi Learning employs an innovative system using Discord servers where students can upload pictures of math problems and online tutors respond with video solutions. This system has been well received by students, both those who are new to Stigmi and those who have been using it for some time. The tutors are friendly and willing to help with any problem, and even provide feedback when necessary.

The affiliation between Give Chances and Stigmi Learning was recently highlighted by a feature on EBS, a well-known education broadcasting company in Korea. During the filming at the Give Chances Palisades Park Learning Center, it was heartening to see how quickly students adapted to using Stigmi Learning. They were pleasantly surprised by the tutors' willingness to provide clear explanations and feedback, regardless of how challenging the problem was.

The EBS feature has brought greater awareness to the missions of Give Chances and Stigmi Learning, and we are grateful for the opportunity to promote our partnership. We look forward to even more exciting collaborations in the future.

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