[Give Chances] March Weekly Newsletter 3

Continued Growth of the Parsippany Center

In recent developments, our program has experienced an increase in enrollment with the addition of two new students, bringing our total to seven students. Based on our recent successes, we anticipate an enrollment of approximately 10 students by the end of this semester. The growth of our program is attributed to the outstanding achievements of our students and the favorable reputation of our branch.

Hana Mahmoud, who immigrated from Egypt a year and a half ago, struggled with over 80 missing assignments in 5th grade. However, in her 6th-grade year, she has exhibited a remarkable transformation with zero missing assignments. Similarly, her twin sister Jana, who also struggled academically in the previous year, is currently excelling in her studies.

We are also delighted to highlight the inspiring journey of Clay Fitzgerald, one of our students who is on the autism spectrum. Despite facing challenges with his grades when he joined us last year, he has achieved remarkable academic success this year with straight As. Furthermore, he has been recognized by the Principal with an award for his tremendous improvements.

We take great pride in our students' accomplishments, and we are committed to providing them with an opportunity to excel and pursue their dreams. We hope that by sharing their success stories, we can encourage more people, like friends of Clay, to join our program and help us make a difference in the lives of more students.

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