[Give Chances] March Weekly Newsletter 3

Celebrating the Recent Success of Give Chances’ Pop Up Store!
Shop for Love, Shop for Hope!

Results Your Support Made
Your support was instrumental in our recent pop-up store event.  It allowed DDartists to not only showcase their work, but also empower artists with disabilities.  In addition, we raised funds, through fundraising their work, which is one of many methods allowing us to continue grow and improve our programs.


Your Contributions Matter!
Every purchase online and off, provides us opportunities to continue our mission to ‘give chances’ to underprivileged individuals and make changes in our communities through education and job training designed to be effective, efficient, and accessible. 

Additionally, your contributions support summer enrichment programs, tutoring, and youth leadership development.

A special shoutout to our volunteers for doing the hard, but necessary work that embodies the spirit of giving back and creating change.  By reaching out, and inviting others to join our cause, in effect spreading the word that brings us closer to what we worked so hard to accomplish.

Stay connected for upcoming events and ways to get involved. Your support makes a meaningful difference.

Thank you for your continued support!

DDartists Highlights:
Showcasing Justin's Digital Artwork!

During our Sunday DDartists Class, we were astounded by Justin, a talented member who has developmental disabilities. His captivating digital art displayed intricate alphabets that left us in awe. This artwork will serve as an invaluable asset for other programs, particularly for other branches. For instance, our afterschool program in India. Where we are teaching children who are on their alphabet learning journey. Through Justin's initiative, we witness the transformative power of community engagement and collaboration. By integrating digital art into our curriculum, we strive to make learning interactive and inclusive for all participants, including those seeking free tutoring.

Justin's artwork acts as a conduit, bridging learners of diverse abilities and backgrounds. We firmly believe that by embracing such initiatives, we can craft enriching experiences and cultivate a nurturing learning environment for all, especially students with special needs.

Join us in commemorating Justin's accomplishment and embracing the myriad possibilities it offers for DDartists and our comprehensive after school program! 

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