[Give Chances] March Weekly Newsletter 4

Pony Power:
A Field Trip Filled with Dreams Led by Council Chance Maker Chloe

It isn't everyday that we get the opportunity to interact with wildlife. Especially for disabled artists.  Join us on this heartwarming adventure of a lifetime, and see what Chance Makers like Chloe do in action!

Explore Pony Power Therapies with Us!

Pony Power Therapies is an organization that is dedicated to therapeutic horseback riding.  Offering a twist in summer fun, and lifetime memories, connecting people with disabilities to the wonders of horses, farming and nature. This is perfect for our DDartists, as well as, our summer enrichment programs in NJ.

Guiding Artist with Disabilities by Chloe

Chloe's guidance was instrumental in aiding a smooth unforgettable experience for our DDartists.  Providing them essential guidelines, and equine education beforehand.Upon arrival, our DDartists engaged in delightful activities such as grooming the horses and walking alongside them, fostering a deep connection and understanding with the animals.

A Surprising Gift for DDartists

After the session, Chloe surprised the DDartists with a special gift she had prepared: personalized horseshoe mementos, symbolizing the bonds formed during their time at Pony Power. It was truly a memorable experience, filled with laughter and learning!

Learn More About Pony Power!

We invite you to support our mission of providing enriching experiences like the Pony Power field trip to DDartists. Your donation will help us continue offering meaningful activities and support to individuals with diverse abilities!

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Expansion Highlights:
Give Chances Is Branching Out!
New Chapter in Philadelphia in April!

Preparing for Expansion

Exciting news is on the horizon as we prepare for the opening of our Philadelphia chapter, extending our reach beyond New Jersey and New York to serve communities in need in Pennsylvania.


Equipping Our Team For Our April Opening With Volunteer Training

In anticipation of our April launch, we recently conducted lead teacher training sessions to ensure that our team is well-equipped to uphold our structured system and share our expertise effectively, offering valuable volunteer teaching opportunities.


Emphasizing on Training Willing Volunteers

During the training sessions, we imparted our curriculum and strategies to willing volunteers to tutor underprivileged youth.  Driving top-notch education for the future. As we gear up to introduce Give Chances to the vibrant city of Philadelphia, we're grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm of our team members who are instrumental in making this expansion possible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this new chapter of our journey, committed to spreading the joy of art to even more individuals in need.

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