[Give Chances] May Weekly Newsletter 3-1

2023 Trampoline Project
Culminates in Massive Success!

Our 2023 Trampoline Project concluded with tremendous success, thanks to the generous support of our donors, mentors, and local guides!

During the week-long journey from May 3rd to May 11th, the participating students had the opportunity to visit famous attractions in New York and its surroundings, as well as workplaces of various mentors. Through these experiences, the children learned about the history of the United States, witnessed firsthand the study environments of Ivy League and Juilliard students, and gained valuable insights into the visions, dreams, and wisdom of professionals striving to make a difference in various fields. We were able to visit these places thanks to the precious time and expertise of our mentors. During the trip, we visited various work sites including BBQ, Google, Handsome Rice, iOttie, and Bloomberg.

Our students, who are currently attending Novitas Music School, also had the unique opportunity to showcase their musical performances in front of a large audience at the Give Chances Healing Concert. Additionally, through conversations with professional musicians actively involved in Manhattan's music scene, they received encouragement to persist in their pursuit of dreams. At the end of the concert, the talented artists involved in our DDartists (Artists with Developmental Disabilities) Program generously presented Trampoline students with their own exquisite paintings as heartfelt gifts. This special moment fostered mutual support and deepened connections through the power of art.

Throughout this week of valuable experiences, the children learned a great deal about how to navigate life’s struggles, the importance of working towards meaningful goals, and the value of consistency. By gaining new perspectives and accumulating experiences that they couldn't have had in Korea, we delivered opportunities that would expand their respective potentials and allow new insights. They also had time for self-reflection and self-care through psychological counseling. As they navigate the sensitive period of high school and adolescence, facing academic and social stresses, our affiliated professional counselors provided assistance in dealing with and overcoming obstacles that may hinder their happiness and progress in life.

Though these students will face many challenges and struggles upon returning to Korea, we hope they will maintain the momentum towards their dreams. To support them in achieving this, Give Chances and Give Chances Korea will stay in touch with this year’s participating students and provide continual heartfelt support.

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