[Give Chances] November Weekly Newsletter 3

Volunteer Spotlight Series:
Parsippany Branch Holds President's Volunteer Service Award Ceremony!

On November 12, 2023, Give Chances' Parsippany Branch held its Second President's Volunteer Service Award Ceremony. It was a time to celebrate and recognize the hard work of all the tutors who had faithfully and passionately served the past year.

A total of 15 tutors received the Presidential Award from Parsippany Branch this year. In total, the tutors served a total of 1366 hours. The year was filled with new adventures and challenges. The launching of Chance Makers Parsippany was exciting and yet challenging as they sought to seek their identity and place in this community.

During a week in July this summer, Give Chances Summer Program was opened, where a total of 16 students were able to attend the camp for free. For the past 2 years, the branch had also been reaching out to local residents. And starting this Fall, the branch was able to see the countless years of outreach bearing fruit as the branch saw an increase of students from that area. Between the weekly tutoring and summer program, a total of 30 students were tutored, loved, and cared for.

And none of this would have been possible without the love, patience, and heart of the tutors. This year’s award ceremony was a time of celebration and recognition. But also it was a testament to the growth and impact of Give Chances here in Parsippany. And the countless moments of joyful learning that will unfold.

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