[Give Chances] October Weekly Newsletter 2

DDartists Highlights Series:
A Heartwarming Day of DDartists Outreach at the Fort Lee Artisan Market!

On a sunny day, in the heart of the Fort Lee Artisan Market, something truly special took place. Give Chances, alongside our artists with developmental disabilities and their dedicated parent volunteers, set up shop to sell their handmade products and spread the word Give Chances' work and inspiring cause.

The scene was one of pure passion, from the initial setup to the enthusiastic sales and heartfelt promotions. The young artists with developmental disabilities worked tirelessly to make the event a success, and their hard work did not go unnoticed.

One of the young artists shared their thoughts, "Meeting people is so much fun. When they say our creations are beautiful, it makes me even happier. Next time, I want to learn more about handling money and do a better job!" The dreams of these young artists are as vibrant as their creations, and through our outreach events, they are taking steps to communicate with the world and achieve them.

The proceeds from this heartwarming day will be used to support the materials needed for the young artists' upcoming Christmas creations. Give Chances is proud to stand by the side of these talented young individuals and support their journey towards greater independence and self-expression.

The Fort Lee Artisan Market witnessed not just a marketplace but a community coming together to celebrate diversity, creativity, and the spirit of giving. Give Chances continues to make a difference in the lives of these young artists, fostering their growth and ensuring that their talents shine brightly in the world.

If you'd like to support the mission of Give Chances or the work of our artists, please make a donation at the link below!

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DDartist Spotlight Series:
Introducing Doha Sim!

Doha Sim is a dedicated and impassioned Korean-American artist, born and nurtured in the vibrant community of New Jersey. From the outset, Doha's developmental path was marked by challenges, notably in language development. Yet, Doha’s childhood was characterized by boundless energy and spirit, which set him apart from his peers.

Raised in a nurturing environment, Doha's parents recognized his inherent interest in artistic expression at a young age. Observing and drawing elements of nature fascinated Doha, and despite challenges with fine motor skills, he persevered in honing his drawing abilities. From whales to dinosaurs, Doha diligently sketched various creatures, catalyzing his dedication to art.

Drawing soon became an intrinsic part of Doha's life, prompting him to envision a future as a writer and artist. Doha's passion for art led him to discover a fascination with animation, kindled by a connection to a friend who worked in the field. This connection introduced him to the world of digital art, which broadened his artistic horizons.

Pencil drawing remains to be Doha’s most cherished medium of expression, with recent forays into acrylic painting and digital art. His subjects often revolve around nature, animals, and his own original characters. Doha's artwork serves as a gateway to self-discovery, a medium through which he connects with his inner self and the world around him.

Doha envisions a future where his art transcends its visual form, becoming a bridge for communication—a vessel to convey his unique perspectives and nuanced emotions. Guided by an earnest desire to give back, he aims to mirror the support he received throughout his life's journey. As Doha's artistic and personal development persists, his aspiration is to inspire and forge connections through his artistry.

Enjoy some of his art here!

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