January Weekly Newsletter 1

Fall 2023 Joyful Learning is Coming Soon! 

During the winter break of the Joyful Learning program, staff members of Give Chances have been working hard to develop ways to further increase volunteer engagement at the commencement of the Spring 2023 semester! Subsequently we prepared a comprehensive orientation for the volunteers to introduce new policies. With these new policies for the new year, we hope to enhance the quality of the Joyful Learning program, since the delivery of our mission depends not only on the student learning outcome but more on the collaboration among students, volunteers, and staff members.

To mention a few of the agendas for the orientation meeting, we plan to discuss increasing collaborative work opportunities among volunteers. Aside from teaching, volunteers will have an opportunity to gather with other volunteers in a Zoom breakout room and assist community outreach and student recruitment. Additionally, they will be encouraged to come up with personal projects that can further promote the mission of Give Chances. Some volunteers have already started working on projects like: collecting used books from local neighborhoods, heightening awareness for emotional support during the pandemic season, DDartist NFT project, and more! We are very excited to virtually meet all of our volunteers very soon and have a meaningful discussion on what it means to teach and leave an impact on someone else’s life.

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