January Weekly Newsletter 2

Happy to be Back!!

We are excited to announce that the first day of the Joyful Learning Program successfully took place this Tuesday, January 17th!  

One of our volunteers said, “I had a great time catching up with students talking about their winter break! We powered through the week by working on the homework together and I am very happy that there is something I can do to make a positive impact on someone.” 

We hope that the Joyful Learning Program will continue to serve as a support program both academically and socially to students from low-income families. Our sincerest thank you to our volunteers for continuing to support students with academic needs and to our supporters for making this program possible. 

Let's Celebrate DDartists' First Stipend Together!

Last year, Give Chances collaborated with DDartists to launch a Christmas Gift Bag fundraiser. Huge thanks to everyone’s support in purchasing the gift bags, we were able to raise enough to gift all the DDartists with their very first stipend. This is not only a big but also a very meaningful achievement for our DDartists as this salary serves as a testament to our artists’ ability to be more independent and self-sufficient to the world. We had a wonderful time celebrating this big step with  DDartists, their parents, and DDartist program sponsors. Parents shed tears of joy as their children received the very first stipend and were compensated for their hard work, time, and dedication. 

This is what one of our DDartists’ parents shared with us: “Today is a very meaningful day that our family will remember forever and ever… as it marks the day that Doha received his very first stipend. Our children definitely received and felt not only the compensation for their hard work but also the love and care that is beyond their expectation. Thank you so much for bringing such a big happiness into our lives. I am very proud of everyone in DDartists program.” 

Thank you everyone for supporting DDartists program and bringing joy into the lives of DDartists and their families.


Are you interesting in helping DDartists receive second stipend? 

We collaborated with Avarelle cosmetics, a skincare company dedicated to serving customers with honest products specialized in acne care, along with DDartists to develop a Love Gift bag. Love gift bags include Avarelle products inside a tote bag with special illustrations by DDartists. You can order an Avarelle Love Bag here!

We also launched a Valentine's Day gift bag fundraiser for Chocolate lovers! This gift bag will come with Le Chocolate Chocolate Truffle Gift Box with mini canvas paintings done by our dear DDartists. DDartists had a wonderful time painting miniature canvases and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy them as well. You can purchase Valentine's Day gift bags here!

All the profits made from these fundraisers will go towards DDartists’ second stipend and to further support the DDartist program. We would like to kindly ask you to consider making a purchase as it is your support and involvement that enables Give Chances to provide various opportunities for DDartists.

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