Joys of Teaching students of the future  - Yebon Lee

Joys of Teaching students of the future - Yebon Lee

I had a wonderful experience at Give Chance. Give Chance allowed me to teach hard-working students and experience the feeling of nostalgia. During tutoring sessions, seeing students with workbooks I have also completed during my elementary years brought me back to the times when I tried to learn multiplications and division. At first, helping the students was not easy. Give Chance helped me master the arts of patience. While it takes time for the students to be comfortable around new tutors, they still give their best efforts to learn. They are very happy and bright students that give their absolute best. Every time I see them, they improve their skills and advance onward a little step at a time. Children would also share their dreams and their hopes for their future. Sharing to me what they enjoy doing during their free time and what they are excited about growing up. I felt happy to see kids with big dreams and goals they want to achieve in the future. I am very grateful that Give Chance allowed me to help these lovely children who will become our future. 
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