July Weekly Newsletter 1

Dasol Choi freshly joined our program in June. Although Dasol is the newest student here, the amount of art experience she already has is remarkable. Dasol has always been a devoted artist of various trades ranging from origami, painting, and pottery. There is one thing that never fails to be in her artworks: a rainbow. The images that she produces are happy, peaceful, and idyllic. With her artistic expression, Dasol fills herself and everyone around her with positivity and pure joy. Please continue to support Dasol and our DDartist program which helps support artists with developmental disabilities!

Give Chances is very excited to announce that we will receive a generous grant from the Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation this year! This family foundation founded in 1991provides grants to small nonprofit organizations. The Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation awarded Give Chances with a $5,000 grant in the second quarter of 2022. We are truly grateful for their generosity as such a donation will allow us to offer an affordable summer program with free tutoring for students in our Joyful Learning Children’s Program, all of whom come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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