July Weekly Newsletter 3

Give Chances Summer Camp allows students to continue learning even during their school breaks and offers volunteer opportunities for high school students. On top of academic enrichment, we wanted to devote some of this precious time into extracurriculars as well. We have already introduced our students to free art classes and cooking classes, and there is yet more to come!
This summer, Give Chances aims to present more than just academic enrichment. Thanks to our wonderful donors, our students were given the privilege of experiencing a pottery class for the first time! Pottery making has many benefits in regards to growth of children and adolescents; it greatly improves physical and mental health and stimulates creativity, imagination, confidence, and self-esteem.
With our free Summer Camp Program having just begun, we have a line of special guests to come in and inspire our students of various dreams, goals, and interests. The first to come were Bergen County Sheriff Anthony Cureton and Undersheriff Jin Sung Kim, who shared their life-long experiences in law enforcement. Both students and volunteers were extremely intrigued by their talk and did not hesitate to ask them anything they were curious about. We are truly grateful to both Sheriff Cureton and Undersheriff Kim for making time to inspire our students!
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