November Weekly Newsletter 1

On October 28th, 20 students participated in Give Chances’ Halloween themed arts and crafts class. Not only were students able to dress up in costumes and create spooky arts and crafts, they also received goodie bags that were made by students in the Red Cross Club of River Dell High School. We would like to thank the students of the Red Cross Club for their support and fun treats! The students had a great time and we hope that everyone in the Give Chances community also had a Happy Halloween!


On Halloween Day, Give Chances had an outreach event in which volunteers helped out in visiting various schools in the Palisades Park and Ridgefield areas. The outreach event included communicating information about the Give Chances program and its mission for the community and volunteers gave out informative flyers and candy in the spirit of Halloween. We saw a great amount of success and interest about the program from many people and volunteers were able to speak about equal education for underprivileged students and Give Chances mission statement in making a change to our community. Give Chances had a great time at this outreach event and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
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