Rachelle and Deborah’s Fundraisers  to Support the Children of Give Chances

Rachelle and Deborah’s Fundraisers to Support the Children of Give Chances

 " Deborah and I started the donations after the educational video we watched during a volunteer training day. It was a simple video but after we saw the statistics, it hit us how much they didn't have. We wanted to give back as much as we could, even though it wasn't much. I asked family and friends to donate however much they could spare. For friends, they didn't have as much as adults so they would even donate their leftover quarters after buying lunch. It added up quickly, though."

-Rachelle, volunteer tutor-

Two volunteering tutors From RiverDell High School dedicated their time and energy to gather funds from friends and their family to support the children. These enthusiastic partners of Give Chances had already have been supporting these children at the Joyful Children’s Learning program on a weekly basis for the past one to two years. Before the Spring Semester of 2019 ended, they wanted to provide a special gift to the students they were voluntarily supporting.

During a tutor training session this semester, the two volunteers realized how quality education would impact low-income students. Knowing that their students, were from low-income families, these two students made their mind up to go an extra mile to fundraise and support the children of Give Chances even more. Before the academic year ended at Give Chances, they hurried to fundraise to people around them.

On June 11th, 2019, the two students provided their fundraising efforts to Give Chances staff as a surprise. They also prepared a gift package for every student. Give Chances is fortunate to have supported by such passionate volunteers that make change happen in our community. With their support, Give Chances is able to provide quality education to local children by the means of after-school and summer programs.

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