Respecting, Recognizing and Acknowledging

DDartists class has been focusing on discussing the importance of respecting and acknowledging each other and themselves as a holistic person. We often compare ourselves to sometimes unrealistically high standards that others set up. We also judge ourselves based on the expectations others have on us. Thus, as a class, DDartists are learning to not only be respectful to others, but most importantly acknowledging who they are, where they are at, and what their interests are. Keeping self-respect in their heart and encouraging each other to be who they are with confidence, students share how their week has been, their interests, and their thoughts around various topics. Most recently, we talked about how 2021 had been for us and made goals for the new year of 2022. Various goals were shared, and students listened to one another, promising that they will be the witness to each other’s journey to making their goals come true in 2022.

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