September Weekly Newsletter 2

As our Love & Sharing concert on September 22nd is fast approaching, Vitabrid C¹² courteously donated their products to be distributed to our guests at the concert. The donated products are scalp shampoo, facial serum, and foam cleanser; they can take away your daily trouble of facial skincare and scalp care at once. We are able to gratify our donors at the Love & Sharing concert with much enriched gifts, now with the courtesy of Vitabrid C¹². We are incredibly honored by their support for our mission and our students. Thank you so much, Vitabrid C¹²!

Vitabrid C¹² is a cosmeceutical brand which focus on facial skincare and scalp care products that specialize in delivering active vitamin C in a stable form over 12 continuous hours through the use of their patented technology in encapsulating pure vitamin C in between bio-friendly mineral layers.

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