September Weekly Newsletter 4

The 2nd annual Love & Sharing Concert has successfully come to an end on Thursday, September 22, 2022. We thank you for your presence and support! This event was held to show gratitude to our supporters and to share missions and visions of Give Chances. The event was filled with beautiful melodies by the clarinet ensemble 'Quartet Piri', and keynote speaker Soon-kyu Shin (author of The Things You See When You Close Your Eyes).  The Quartet Piri’s performance touched the heart of the audience as they presented marvelous arrangements. The keynote speaker Soon-kyu Shin’s life story of overcoming hardships shared hope and motivation with many. Many encouraged Give Chances' mission and vision of ‘Nationwide Learning Center’ and committed to being an ally to end education inequality.

Give Chance wants to be an organization that continues to provide opportunities to children across the United States. Giving someone a chance isn't something that only special talents and special people can do or only those who are financially comfortable. 
We aim to become a network of hope and love and ask you to join the initiative. 
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