Supporter interview with Mr. Chung, the Director of PNPLINE

Supporter interview with Mr. Chung, the Director of PNPLINE

1. Please introduce yourself. 
My name is Jay Chung, and I work at PNPLINE, a third party logistics company based on IT products like Amazon and Shopify for online market platform sellers.

2. How did you start sponsoring Give Chances? 
I've been sponsoring a fairly well known nonprofit organization, so I wasn't one of the biggest sponsors at Give Chances. Meanwhile, I was impressed by Give Chances' consistent dedication, and especially their genuine passion and effort. During the fall of 2018, I happened to be in charge of the DDartists' product promoting program at the church I attend, then I decided to take a bigger role in sponsoring Give Chances.      

3. When do you feel the most fulfilled about sponsoring Give Chances? 
It's when I see smiles of the sponsored children and pride they have regardless of their circumstances. It's also when the volunteers working alongside each other are willingly serving Give Chances. 

4. What do you think about sharing? 
I believe sharing and sponsorship itself is meaningful enough as we work with the beneficiaries as a team, rather than perceiving it as giving them what we have. Phrases like the disabled, the homeless, illegal immigrants, are already dividing us into social classes rather than interpersonal relationships. But when we break away from the bias of that division and approach each other as a friend or neighbor, we are able to sympathize and bond easily, simply as human beings of the same society. Perceiving each other without prejudice and accomplishing something together is the kind of attitude that should be the fundamental of sharing. And donations become the result of that. 

7. Is there anything you want to say to Give Chances?
I'm always grateful and rooting for all the service you do at the fore front. Hope Give Chances stays as the shadow of the socially underprivileged as now, and please reach out to me whenever you need anything!
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