Supporter interview with Mr. Oh, Duogreen's Senior Manager

Supporter interview with Mr. Oh, Duogreen's Senior Manager

1. Please introduce yourself. 
My name is James Oh, manager of Duogreen Inc that is located in Northvale. It is a consumer good company with healthy snacks and skin care expertise. 

2. How did you start sponsoring Give Chances? 
I started donating because I was deeply touched by the mission and vision of Give Chances when they were established, providing free education opportunities for the underprivileged. 

3. You've sponsored Give Chances for a while now, but when do you feel the most fulfilled about it? 
I always feel proud and grateful whenever I see the staff members of Give Chances who are education experts providing for underprivileged children. 

4. Duogreen is also supporting the DDartist program of Give Chances. How is it working with the children from DDartists? 
One of the things I've noticed about these children who come to Duogreen for job training is that they are so innocent. Their innocent hearts, learning with honesty and doing their best is, in fact, a good influence on the employees at Duogreen. I'm very grateful for that. 

5. How did you feel witnessing the drawings of these children being produced into cards, diaries, and calendars of DDartists? 
I'm happy that I was part of it by the professional graphics support and business consulting for these teenagers' drawings to be made into products. Like I said, the immense amount of positive energy and drawings made from these innocent hearts cannot be compared to anything else. I receive so much positivity from these drawings. I hope that the DDartists project for talent development of people with developmental disabilities expands throughout all of America, so that more would be delighted through these products.

6. What do you think about sharing and donating? 
I just hope that the programs at Give Chances can be improved and provide for those in need through my humble support.

7. Is there anything you want to say to Give Chances?
There's nothing in particular, but as always, I support you guys!
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