Trampoline Project New York 2019

Trampoline Project New York 2019


Give Chances has held “Trampoline 2019 New York” project from 16th to 24th of October.

Trampoline project is a program that supports the youth of South Korea to find new opportunities to be able to maintain their dreams and restore hope despite the difficulties they face.

The project provided opportunities for participants – four teenagers from vulnerable families in Seongdong-gu recommended by Seongsudong Welfare Center – to dream and hope through cultural exploration and mentoring camp

From October 16th to 20th, they visited Washington D.C. and Boston, the center of world politics, economy, and culture, to learn more about the world by exploring various cultural heritages.

During the mentoring camp that was held from October 21st to 23rd, students visited companies and institutions in Manhattan and had meaningful conversations with various Korean mentors in different vocational professions.

To have wider understanding of people’s occupations, job satisfaction, and career processes, the participants interviewed various people on the streets of New York.

On the last day of the mentoring camp, participants shared testimonies on what they have experienced during the Trampoline project. In addition to the participants’ presentations, mentors shared “It was a great opportunity for us to grow as well. We have earned so many things through this program.” Unexpectedly, participants have prepared a special video to express their appreciations to the mentors and staff who have worked hard for the program.

One of the participants said, "I found out that wandering from life is not necessarily a failure, but it's also meaningful." Another participant said, "It was very helpful and grateful when the mentors came to me and listened to my story. I will try my best to be a doctor who can help others, as I have been helped by many people today."

The “Trampoline 2019 New York” project was an unforgettable time not only for the participants but also for the mentors and staff of Give Chances. It was a precious opportunity for everyone to grow together.

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